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    Voor een cool spelletje dat we al een aantal jaar spelen zijn we op zoek naar een aantal verse spelers.
    Zie uitleg hieronder.
    De voertaal in het spel is het Engels vanwege de internationale mix van spelers.
    Als iemand meer info wenst of graag wil meedoen, stuur gerust een berichtje.

    I. Short version

    Most existing cycling fantasy leagues are basically massive prediction games. What we’ve been doing for the last 8 years is completely different: just 20 dudes taking over the 20 World Tour teams, signing up to 30 riders in a series of auctions (and a neo-pro draft), and giving them multi-year contracts within your total salary cap. Thus no single cyclist on multiple teams.

    We have a couple of openings. It’s completely free of charge, but requires you to be online, when up to 500 auctions will be happening simultaneously.
    The auctions will start in a couple weeks when most of the top riders without contract are settled.

    II. Long version

    Salary Cap

    Each team can spend €5M per year on salaries.

    FA Bidding

    Each player is auctioned in a separate thread that may be started by anyone.

    Salary range, Maximum Years

    €200k or less (per year) = 1 year

    €210k – €990k = 2 years

    €1M or higher = 3 years

    Neo-pro draft

    Neo-pro is a u23 rider who never spent a full season on a WT or pro-conti team. Only neo-pros are eligible for draft, and no neo-pros can be bought in an auction until the draft is complete. The draft consists of 2 rounds. The lower you finished the previous season, the better your 1st round pick. 1st round picks are signed to guaranteed 2-year contracts. 2nd round picks – 2nd year is optional. All salaries are €30k.


    Automatically, all riders on each team score points if they do well IRL. Points are scored in UCI WorldTour events, HC races, World Championships, European Championships, and the Olympics (RR, ITT) only, but according to the CQ ranking scoring, and not to the UCI WorldTour scoring. CQ ranking rewards riders for finishing well in classics, stages, stage races, but also for keeping and winning jerseys. All these points are added up in the individual ranking. The final score of each team will be equal to the sum of the points scored by their riders in the calendar year.

1 bericht aan het bekijken (van in totaal 1)

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